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Here comes opening day! (Barely.)

We’ll be honest with you: it was a rocky road to the start of our 14th season, and it came very close to not starting at all. The survey we conducted this spring told us a lot of things, but the singular message that came through loud and clear is that OBFM customers really, really love this market. However, for the last few months, and especially the last week, we have been working very hard to make the case that the OBFM does not cause an undue burden on its small town home. There are legitimate concerns, and some folks believed that they were insurmountable. We need your help to make sure that the OBFM does not love Occidental to death, or the OBFM will go away.

And so we present:

1. DO NOT USE THE BATHROOMS IN LOCAL BUSINESSES unless you are one of their paying customers. The story of wastewaster in Occidental is a long and complicated one, but the takeaway is that businesses in Occidental have to pay an awful lot for sewage. It is just unfair to use their resources if you’re not one of their customers. The OBFM has provided portapotties for several seasons, and it’s very important that you use those.

2. PARK SMARTLY & MINDFULLY. The OBFM uses up a sizable chunk of the parking in town, which means that the remaining spots are in high demand. Don’t park in front of businesses that are open during the market. Don’t block driveways or roads. There is just not one good reason for parking on Bohemian Highway; don’t ever do that. Remember that there’s a good deal of parking just down the street at the Community Center and tennis courts, and it’s a very short walk.

3. TAKE YOUR TRASH HOME WITH YOU. There is no municipal trash service in Occidental. Think of it as a “leave no trace” experience. Participate in our Plate Away program to reduce (or even eliminate!) disposable plates, containers & utensils. It’s a simple thing, but if every visitor would take their small bit of trash home to toss, the wastestream in town becomes much more manageable. We would like to shift the paradigm that one’s own garbage is someone’s else’s problem.

4. PUBLIC CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL IS ILLEGAL. The OBFM does not sell or serve alcohol, and takes place in a public area. Pretty straightforward, that one.

We know that the OBFM is a very special thing, in a special place, and that the community values it as a place to come together. We really love that about this market. Help us be good neighbors so the market can stick around.

As ever, shoot us a note if you have questions or concerns.

The revolution shops here.

Reminder: The town of Occidental has no municipal trash service (including the infrastructure for compost pickup), and we wish to shift the paradigm that one’s own trash is someone’s else’s problem. We continue to work on solutions to this issue, but by far the simplest one is for diners to bring their own plates with them to the market, and take them home to wash them. Check out our Plate Away program.