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Adam Davidoff

New Family Farm

by Sarah Hadler

My two year old son, Sylvester, and I follow a lovely, hand-painted sign off Ferguson Road that points the way to New Family Farm. A winding road leads us down into the valley and we are met by Adam Davidoff’s warm smile as he sits planting seeds in the frame of a “greenhouse”. Adam takes us on a tour of the “heart of the farm” and Sylvester gets happier and dirtier as we go. We walk by rows of cabbage and kale, carrots, lettuce, beets, celery roots and parsley, cilantro and dry-farmed tomatoes. Zara, the friendly farm dog who helps to keep the gopher population under control, follows us joyfully and we greet two of the draft horses, Pearl and Gracie. Later on in the tour, to Sylvester’s delight, we meet eight 2-week old piglets and their mama.

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Reminder: The town of Occidental has no municipal trash service (including the infrastructure for compost pickup), and we wish to shift the paradigm that one’s own trash is someone’s else’s problem. We continue to work on solutions to this issue, but by far the simplest one is for diners to bring their own plates with them to the market, and take them home to wash them. Check out our Plate Away program.

Plate Away

Put your plates and utensils and cloth napkins in the car now so you’ll be ready for dinner at the Market after work! Our Plate Away program rewards your garbage-reduction efforts with a free weekly raffle with great prizes.