Thank you.

21 March 2019

To everyone who ever sold, bought, grew, sowed, harvested, grilled, ate, played, danced, and loved at the Occidental Bohemian Farmers Market, we thank you.

Every week, you inspired us to keep on hosting the best of Sonoma County’s small farmers, delicious food producers, and handmade crafters. We spent every Friday of the summer running into old friends and making new ones, minute by joyous minute. We watched babies grow up and saw us all get a bit older, smiling widely along the way.

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce we’re closing after 17 seasons of operation in downtown Occidental. We’re proud of the work we did together over those years and we’re going to miss our time with you all more than you can know.

The demands placed on the market became insurmountable for our small group and inconsistent with our primary mission of serving farmers, but we’re buoyed by the love and community that flourished on those summer nights. We’re optimistic that someone, sometime will pick up the mantle and offer a home for all those who came together to celebrate food, friends, and the best our county has to offer.

Thanks again. For all of it. We’ll never forget what we all shared.